The remaining section of the card sheet is a

series of jigs to assist in building the platforms.

In the lower photo opposite I have cut away the waste card to make things clearer.

Step 1: Paint or stain the basswood timber

included with the kit to a weathered finish. As well, paint the two platform tops, and all the stair components to the same colour. I painted the timber and the card pieces for this model with ’Atelier’ acrylic paint called “Toning Grey Yellowish” and then dry brushed with white acrylic paint. More weathering can be added if you choose.

Step 2: Cut 30 lengths of the HO scale 4”x 4” to 9 mm long. Test fit into the jig A and sand to length if required. Cut the HO scale 8”x 1” to the following lengths:

4 lengths at 68 mm

2 lengths at 44 mm

1 length at 30 mm

3 lengths at 21 mm

Touch up the ends with the same paint used.

Step 3: Place 6 stumps at 9 mm long into the

6 slots and glue a 68 mm long piece of 8”x 1”

as indicated by the etched lines. Build 3 more of these sub-assemblies (A) as seen in the bottom section of the photograph above. These are the stump and beam assemblies for the building.

The loading dock platform is next. Using jig B marked by the small oval above, place a stump in the middle slot and one in the left slot. Glue a 21 mm length of 8”x 1” across the top, using the etched lines as a guide. Make another of these left hand assemblies. We now need a right hand assembly, so when the dock is assembled, there will be an 8”x 1” on the outside all the way round. To do this, place a stump in the middle slot and one in the right slot and add the 21 mm long piece of 8”x 1”. These three assemblies can be seen in the photo above.