A sharp hobby knife.

Steel ruler.

A pair of tweezers.

A good quality PVA wood glue and some tooth picks to apply the glues.

ACC (super glue).

Paints: I use Jo Sonja’s acrylic artist paints in the following colours - Nimbus Grey (a mid grey) and White. However you may substitute your brand of paints and colours that you choose for your model.

A medium size paint brush.

1 spray can of Grey Undercoat (the cheapest brand will do). Or you can use your own paint and spray gun.


To prepare the card sheets for painting with the acrylic paint, use the ‘Grey Undercoat’ and lightly spray the front and back of sheet 1 where the fences are, as shown below. While doing this, spray the WC door, marked by the circle. As well, on the details sheet 2. Mask or cover the window and door trim and spray both sides of the rustic fence with the ‘Grey Undercoat’. Do a light spray, as the paint may run into the laser cuts and stick the part in. If this happens, run your hobby knife carefully down the cut.


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