The Outback Model Company (O.M.C.) will guarantee it’s products for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Reasonable proof of purchase is required for any claims to be made against the O.M.C.


The O.M.C. will not refund the purchase price of a kit, but will replace the kit with another kit. The O.M.C. requires the original kit to be returned before a new kit is supplied.


If there is a fault, any omissions or unsuitability of a component, the O.M.C. will replace the part(s) effected and will cover any mailing costs.


If any part of the kit or all of the kit is damaged or lost by the delivery service used by the  O.M.C, such as Australia Post, the O.M.C. will replace the kit and cover the additional delivery charge.


If the kit or parts of the kit are lost by the purchase’s delivery company, as nominated by them, the O.M.C. is not liable in any way. The O.M.C. only guarantees its product up to acceptance by the nominated delivery service.


The O.M.C. will not replace any kit or part of a kit if it has not been assembled as stated in the instructions enclosed with the kit.

Effective from 1 May 2014